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In Plant Rug Cleaning Service

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Oriental Rug Cleaning Service

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  • Newest technology in area rug washing

  • Boutique wash

  • Customized care

  • Each rug is separately treated and attended to on an individual basis

  • Multi-stage inspection

  • No bleach or chemicals used

  • All products biodegradable, eco-safe and hypoallergenic

  • Easy online scheduling

Benefits of Choosing Us:

American Steamers Rug Cleaning & Repair is specializing in the care of antique, semi-antique and contemporary hand-woven textiles.

Our Team in Action

Our Cleaning Process


Estimate & Pickup

Rugs can be heavy and hard to maneuver.
So, for your convenience and ease, we pick up and carefully transport all rugs to our fully-equipped cleaning facility free of charge.


Pre Treatment

It's time to pre spot the areas documented earlier and if pet stains are an issue this is when we neutralize and flush out the invisible urine salts that are often deep within the fibers once all the spots have been treated it's time for a bath utilizing a special blend of our

custom made in-house chemicals with custom fit our bath system for the particular rug.



At this stage, to preserve the immaculate condition of your rug, we highly recommend including our Rug Protection Service.
We use the world’s most technologically advanced Non-toxic and Non-allergenic fiber treatment to ensure your rug stays fresh, clean, bright and protected from future stains and sun fading.


Inspection & Evaluation

On arrival we measure, inspect and ID the rug that we're working with. While inspecting we document to record any problems stains or damaged for our personal records and the homeowners we then test for dye transfer and pH test the rug so as to ensure that we use the proper cleaning products for the specific job at hand.


Washing & Rinsing

Our triple planetary rotary machine ensures a thorough deep scrubbing and simply unparalleled by other consumer grade machines.

All expelled dirt and any trace of the cleaning products are then thoroughly rinsed away.


Rolled & Returned

Our complimentary door to door service, returning your beautiful rug back to your home or office, brings us equal satisfaction.

Once you have in positioned it back into its rightful place, we'll discuss the proper way to maintain it and answer all your questions.



As a rule, around 70% of the dirt collected within the rug fibres has to be removed before adding a drop of water.


However, our Dusting machine will remove close to 99%, resulting in a brilliant washing cycle for optimum clean.


Spin Drying & Grooming

​Rugs are placed in our centrifuge machine to remove 97% of the loose water. 


They are then hung on a drying rack and blow-dried, ensuring any remaining moisture evaporates.


Here any tassels are combed and we brush the rug pile to reset the direction of the fibers and bring them back to their original fullness.


Get To Know Your Rugs

Our Rug Academy videos are designed to answer some of the most common questions we are asked every day. Please take a moment to watch a video or two, and remember to bookmark the page for future reference!

Best Rug Cleaning Service for Pet Urine

Pets are our beloved companions, but sometimes they can leave behind unwanted marks on our area rugs. With our pet urine and odor removal services, your rug will be free from unpleasant smells.

best carpet cleaning service for pet urine


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Our Iron Clad Satisfaction Guarantee

If for any reason you have concerns or you are not happy about your cleaning service, we'll return and re-clean the areas FREE of charge. 

Then, if you're still not satisfied, you can have your money back!

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Download Our Free Spill Guide

Quick guide on what to DO and what NOT to do when accident happens on your carpet & rugs.

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