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Mattress Cleaning Service

mattress steam cleaning service

We use the most powerful truck mounted & portable cleaning system, which provides excellent deep rinsing capability, optimum results and minimal drying time.


Our technicians are the expert when it comes to mattress cleaning. They will listen to your concerns and address any problem areas you have, explaining which stains will most likely to come out, while providing you with various treatment options. They can explain our mattress cleaning process and provide tips for maintaining the clean.

Mattress Steam Cleaning Service

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Our Team in Action

Our Cleaning Process


Inspection & Pre-Spray

First, we identify the type of fabric on your mattress and determine

which cleaning solution will work best then we pre-treat it with our special eco friendly cleaning solution to loosening and lifting dirt, debris and soil from the fabric and make it ready for the next step.


Rinsing & Drying

Our rinsing agents powerfully rinses and sucks away the dislodged dirt, oils, hair, and other particles without soaking your mattress, allowing your sofa to dry in a just a few hours and most importantly leaving your mattress in its natural state ph reducing the chances of any spot to re-appear after its drying.



Our optional Fiber Protector spray acts as an invisible barrier against dirt and spills, preventing them from soaking or embedding into your mattress's fibers.  

Best Mattress Cleaning Service for Pet Urine

Pets are our beloved companions, but sometimes they can leave behind unwanted marks on our upholstery or mattress. With our pet urine and odor removal services, your mattress will be free from unpleasant smells.

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Our Iron Clad Satisfaction Guarantee

If for any reason you have concerns or you are not happy about your cleaning service, we'll return and re-clean the areas FREE of charge. 

Then, if you're still not satisfied, you can have your money back!

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Download Our Free Spill Guide

Quick guide on what to DO and what NOT to do when accident happens on your carpet & rugs.

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