When is it time for carpet cleaning

Most people don’t know this, but carpet makers recommend annual cleaning. You’ve probably heard the old wives tale that says, “What as long as you can to clean your carpet.”

The reasons behind this is many homeowners would have their carpet cleaned and they would look uglier after cleaning. This is still true today if your carpet is cleaned improperly.

Many years ago, dry cleaning and shampooing were a primary method of cleaning. As well, many companies would perform steam cleaning, but they would do it correctly.

Any method of carpet cleaning done improperly WILL DAMAGE YOUR CARPET and cause resoiling. It’s not the method that’s important, it’s the technician who is cleaning your carpet.

If you pulled some poor unsuspecting soul off the street and gave him brand new, state-of-the-art cleaning machine, he would make a mess out of your carpet. Unfortunately, that is what many carpet cleaning companies do.

The education and experience is as important as the method being used. Yes, carpet makers recommend yearly cleaning. Yes, the recommend truck mounted steam cleaning. But they also recommend you have it done by certified, trained technicians.

And here’s a tip…the company with a great reputation, education, and experience isn’t going to charge you $19, 47$ or $69 for the whole house. Sorry. But you do get what you pay for.

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