The Dry Powder Cleaning Process

In the dry powder cleaning process, a semi moist powder is applied to the carpet agitated and the vacuumed out. We will explain it further below.

The Equipment
In this process the carpet cleaner will most often use a machine with counter rotating nylon brushed. The brushes are essentially cylinder shaped with groups of nylon bristles. They come in a variety of stiffness levels and the cleaner chooses the one most appropriate for the type of carpeting being cleaned. Some of these machines will even have a vacuum pod attached for the final vacuuming of the product while some cleaner swill vacuum with a separate machine.

The powder they use will be either a fully synthetic material or will be a natural compound made from dried and ground corn cobs. The cleaner will either be completely dry requiring a separate pre-spray or will be slightly moistened with a solvent/detergent mix.

The Process
If the powder being used is dry or the carpet is heavily soiled a pre-spray will be applied to the carpeting. The carpet cleaner then spreads a thin layer of the powder over the carpeting. The powder is agitated into the carpet with the counter rotating brush machine in a North/South and then East/West direction. Going both directions assures that all sides of the fibers have been cleaned. If the machine they are using has a vacuum attached, the powder is immediately vacuumed up. If they are using a separate vacuum, the powder is allowed to dry for a few minutes before being vacuumed with a separate vacuum cleaner.

This process will leave the carpet dry within 0 to 1 hour. It is usually dry within 15 minutes of cleaning in all but the most humid environments. As with any cleaning, an effort should be made to keep air circulating through the home with ceiling fans and the HVAC unit.