Protect Your Pet From Harmful Chemicals

A large majority of our customers have pets. Not everyone considers the harmful effects that harsh chemicals used by many carpet cleaners can have on their pets.

Your pets spend more time on your carpet than almost anyone in your family. This one fact means they are more likely to be exposed to any chemicals used to clean your carpets. Anyone who has a pet knows that vet bills can be very expensive. Most pet owners think of their pets like any other family member and would not intentionally expose them to harsh chemicals.

By taking the time to learn what chemicals are used in the cleaning process by your carpet cleaner you could actually help prevent your pet from becoming ill. As pet owners we understand this concern and the expense it could cause. Our organic carpet cleaning process is 100% safe for everyone including your family pet. Even our all natural cleaning process is safe for children, pets and people with allergies.

Since your carpets act like filters in your home. Having them cleaned regularly is important to maintain a healthy living environment. If we are introducing new toxins or chemicals into your living environment it doesn’t make much sense to clean in the first place. Everyone in your family deserves a healthy environment including your pet.

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