Pet Odor Removal

If you have pets, you will probably have to deal with pet odor removal at some point in their life. The situation is usually not hopeless, so don’t throw out your pet just yet.

Identifying the source of the pet odor.
Sounds easy enough right. Just look for the stain. The problem is, pet odors don’t always leave a visible stain. One way to find the spots, is to get down on your hands and knees and actually smell your carpet for the offending odor. If you’d rather not do that, there is a better way. Urine contains salts which will become visible under black lights. So go get a cheap black light, they are usually around 10 dollars. Turn off all the lights in a room and close the curtains, the darker the better. Turn on the black light and point it at the carpet. The stains will shine in the black light when you pass over them.

Treating the pet odor.
Okay, you have identified the offending spots. Now its time to treat them. The difficult part about pet odor removal is that the urine will have soaked into not only the carpet, but the backing, the padding and maybe even the sub floor. You aren’t going to be able to just wipe it away. Go to the pet store and buy an enzyme spotter. The enzyme in the solution will actually eat the proteins in the urine that bacteria are feeding on. Its the bacteria which causes the odor. Follow the direction on the bottle. You will usually have to dilute the product with warm water and saturate the spots. The enzymes need time to work so it may take several days for complete removal of the odor.

If you can’t remove the odor..
Make sure that you have given the enzyme plenty of time to work. The smell will often get a little worse before it gets better. If the pet odor is still present, you may have to call in a professional pet odor removal service. They will have more powerful treatments at their disposal. Most companies will do a free inspection for you and will give you an estimate. Depending on the severity of your problem, they may have to replace affected padding, seal the sub floor, replace tack strip or even install an ozone generator to neutralize the odor.

Your Pet
Keep an eye on your pet after treatment. Even if we cannot smell the odor, they can and will often return to remark the area. If it is unusual for your pet to have accidents in the house, you may want to have him checked by a veterinarian. A urinary tract infection could be a possible cause. Other possible causes could include a change in environment (recent move), new addition to the house (baby, another pet) or a change in diet. Think about whether anything new was introduced into your home before this began happening. Animals will often act out in response to stress, often by marking your carpet.