Oriental and Area Rug Care


Whether your oriental carpet is a family heirloom or a new addition to your home, chances are its an important part of your décor.

Since your oriental rug is valuable and you probably would like to see it last a long time and look good in the process the way you care for your rug is extremely important.

Of course, the best way to keep your rug in tip-top shape is to make sure it doesnt get dirty or stained in the first place! However, the likelihood of that happening is probably slim to none.

So, there are some proactive steps you can take to keep your oriental rug looking its best.

First, weekly vacuuming will help to ensure that dirt and debris dont burrow too far down into the rugs fibers. That being said, your oriental carpet will certainly require more than just vacuuming. How do you know when your oriental rug needs a more intensive cleaning?

Lift up a corner of the carpet and kick the back side of it. If dust and debris fly out, its definitely time for a deeper cleaning!

Next, bend down and rub the carpet back and forth with your hand for five or ten seconds. When you take your hand away, is it dirty? If so, again, its time for a deeper cleaning!

Here is the thing, though, its almost never a good idea to give your oriental rug a deep cleaning yourself.

Attempting to wash your oriental carpet at home can sometimes cause the dyes to fade or run, or the rugs fibers and materials to break down. Your best bet, to prevent any accidental damage to your oriental rug, is to schedule a professional cleaning with our company.

Well be able to take a look at your oriental carpet and decide exactly the best way it should be cleaned, as well as which types of cleaners should be used to maintain the integrity of the carpet.

Whether its been in your family for years or its brand new, you can feel good knowing you will be enjoying your oriental carpet for many more years to come!

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