MicroSeal Fabric Protection

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Recognized Worldwide As The Best

  • – Permanent Stain Resistance – Will survive many professional cleanings
  • – Permanent Sun Fade Resistance – Near 100% on many fabrics and carpets
  • – Permanent Wear Resistance – See Independent Lab Tests Page
  • – Seals All Fabrics/Carpets – Wools, cottons, silk, synthetics, suedes, smooth leather
  • – Penetrates / Seals Fibers Only – Won’t seal in dirt or stains
  • – Static and Mildew Resistance 
  • – Flame/Smoke Spread Reduction — Approximately 13% & 25%
  • – Nanotechnology – won’t change texture or color
  • – Eco Friendly & CA VOC compliant – No Fluorochemicals or PTFE Resin (non-stick)
  • – Independent Laboratory and Aerospace Reports verify all performance claims



Here’s what others are asking:

  1. Does Cleaning Remove the MicroSeal?
    Some MicroSeal carpet protector is removed from the fiber from heavy traffic or aggressive cleaning. Some product may also be removed by strong cleaning agents and chemicals. Check with your supplier to determine which cleaning agents you may need to avoid. It is generally recommended to re-apply MicroSeal Advanced each time the carpet is cleaned.
  2. How often should protectors be applied?
    Since the biggest enemy of the protectors is abrasion from traffic, and traffic varies with each situation, the general recommendation for re-application is after each cleaning. The same conditions that led to the need for cleaning probably have led to the need to refresh the carpet protection.
  3. Is MicroSeal appropriate for all fibers?
    Yes, MicroSeal provides protection from soil and stains on all types of carpet fibers. A special formulation of Teflon Advanced carpet protector has now been developed for use on wool fibers.
  4. What about drying time?
    Whenever possible the carpet should not be put back into service until dry to the touch. The length of time will vary depending upon the drying conditions, but is usually only a few hours.
  5. Can MicroSeal be applied to upholstery?
    Yes, MicroSeal also works on upholstery that is not subject to water damage as is silk and other more exotic fabrics. MicroSeal is suitable to protect upholstery made from most cotton, nylon, polyester, and blends of these fibers. But if water damage is a possibility or a concern, do not apply the product.