How Often Should Carpet Cleaning Be Cleaned By a Professional?

The IICRC* has stated in the Standard for Carpet Cleaning that “Consumersmust not wait until carpet looks soiled before cleaning. Experts agree that clean carpet contributes not only to the overall aesthetics of a structure, but plays a significant role in the healthful state of the overall environment in which people spend the majority of their time.”

The United States EPA in a letter dated January, 1989 (referenced in the IICRC Carpet Cleaning Standard*) included the following information to serve as a guideline for cleaning frequencies for carpet from a health perspective.

Home Environment

Normal ConditionsDusty OutsideCold Weather ClimatesHigh Humidity Climates
2-People, Non Smoking6-12 months2 months4-6 months4-6 months
2-People, Smoking4 months2 months3 months4-6 months
With Young Children6 months1 month3 months3 months
With Young Children and Pets3-6 months1 month2 months2 months

*What is the IICRC Carpet Cleaning Standard? This Industry Standard was developed to define the minimum standards for carpet care by a task force with input from DuPont, the EPA, Shaw Industries, ASCAR, BASF Fibers, the Carpet and Fabricare Institute, the Carpet Manufacturers Association, S.C. Johnston Wax, Monsanto, Miliken, and others for the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

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