Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Following is a list of frequently asked questions.

How often do I need my carpet cleaned?
According to the EPA you should get your carpet cleaned every 12 months for health reasons.  Twelve months is also the recommendation by the Carpet and Rug Institute and the IICRC.  According to your carpet warranty you need to clean your carpet at least 24 months from purchase or your warranty will be voided.

What about traffic areas and stairs?
Your high traffic areas should be cleaned every 6 months according to the EPA and IICRC.  Without proper maintenance the soil in your carpet acts like sandpaper, wearing the fibers each time you walk on it.  Proper cleaning will extend the life of your carpet.

How often should we apply protector?
According to the manufacturer, by your carpets 2nd year, it will loose 30% of its stain resistance.  According to the manufacturers, it should be reapplied every 12 to 24 months.

I was told I should go as long as possible before cleaning my carpet.
The reason people say this is because about 95% of carpet cleaners have no education.  They use inferior products and leave a sticky residue on the carpet that attracts soil so your carpet gets dirty faster.  We use only high quality products and make sure that all cleaners are neutralized so that no residue is left behind.

How long is the drying process?
It typically takes about 4 hours.  Keep pets, children and regular traffic off of carpet for a period of 4 to 6 hours. The homeowner may use the carpet lightly immediately after cleaning by wearing white socks. Wait 24 hours before removing Styrofoam blocks and foil tabs that are put in place to protect the furniture and carpet. Some carpet may still feel damp for up to 18-24 hours depending on carpet soiling condition and the air flow in the room. This is normal and will not cause problems.

Can you remove all type of stains?
We will do everything possible to remove your stain, but there is a possibility it may not come out.

Should I clean with my “Bissell” or other portable home cleaning system?
That machine may work great for spot cleaning but as for carpet cleaning in an entire room it is not recommended.  According to Shaw, the largest carpet mill in the world, you should use a professional carpet cleaner because of their equipment and knowledge.  They recommend an IICRC technician and hot water extraction is the preferred method.

What about over the counter cleaning products?
Most of these products have a extremely high PH which can leave a sticky residue on your carpet which attracts soil.  One product in particular that is on the shelves, Resolve, is known to actually take the color from your carpet.

What about Dry Cleaning?
To most people “dry cleaning” means cleaning without water. The fact is that most carpet cleaning advertised as “dry” cleaning actually uses anywhere from a little to a lot of water! That’s because most of the soil in your carpet is water soluble. For the most part that means better results with a wet cleaning process. On the other hand each cleaning process has its place given the circumstances. For the majority of residential customers steam cleaning will deliver the most effective results and will dry in 4-6 hours.

At American Steamers we offer most of the industry standard cleaning processes. Each process can be effective depending on the right circumstances. For those who prefer a dry cleaning process, we offer “Encapuclean.” “Encapuclean” is a unique and effective process that delivers good results with minimum water use. Drying times are brief with an average of 1 to 2 hours.

I saw an add for $13 per room.
The companies that advertise cheap, coupon pricing usually never intend to clean for that price.  There was a news special on 20/20 that investigated a lot of these companies.  What they found was that they advertise a low price and once they get to your home, they charge you more for everything from soap to degreaser, etc.

What about the other guys that use hot water extraction?
There is a huge difference in extraction equipment.  Most companies won’t invest in state-of-the art equipment or in their education.  A lot of companies have inferior equipment and technicians that aren’t educated.  We are often times called in to fix situations they create, such as over wetting or leaving a sticky residue on the carpet.

How long have you been cleaning carpet?
We have been cleaning carpet for 11 years, but We have been trained by individuals who have decades of experience.  There are a lot of guys out there that have been cleaning carpet for 10 years, but that doesn’t mean they are doing things the right way or that they are even doing a good job.  I’ve been trained by the best and have learned the proper methods.

Can you clean carpet over hardwood floors?
Yes, we have our system set up where the backing of the carpet or rug is not saturated, therefore no problem with wood floors underneath.  No problem with edges either, our rinse does not effect hardwood floors.  But if you prefer, we can use plastic under the edge of the rug while cleaning to prevent any solution from coming in contact with the floor.