Dryer Vent Cleaning

With the build up of lint in your dryer lines, efficiency becomes reduced, requiring longer drying periods. This could mean that your spending more of your hard earned money on drying laundry. More importantly, a fire hazard becomes evident as lint is a highly flammable substance

    dryer vent cleaning service

If your noticing that it is taking longer for your clothes to dry, then it may be time to have your dyer lines cleaned. Regular maintenace will also increase the life span of your dryer by preventing your fan motor from being overworked. We also offer the replacement of old plastic lines to new, perfesssionally installed aluminum flex so that you have that extra peace of mind knowing that if as spark ever occurs, it will be contained within the line and not spread into your home.

Our Process

  1. Dryer hose is disconnected from the dryer.
  2. Dryer is precisely cleaned using air powered instruments.
  3. Flexible air rods are inserted along the entire dryer line with special fittings that loosen the lint from the walls of the line.
  4. A large vacuum draws out all of the debris.
  5. All components are then reassembled and the dryer is turned on and inspected to ensure proper cleaning. If required an aluminum flex line would then be installed in place of the pre-existing plastic line.