Choosing Upholstery

Furniture is an expensive investment. One should choose wisely when picking upholstery to furnish their home. There are many things to consider besides how the furniture looks. For example:

What is the Intended Use?
Where do you plan on placing the furniture. Is it going in a formal living or dining room where it will not see much use? Will it be in your family room and be used all the time?

Do You have Children or Pets?
If you have children or pets, chances are that the furniture will see spills and harder use.

What is your Budget?
This will have a great impact on the type of furniture you pick.

What should you choose?
This is best left to rooms like formal dining and living rooms which only get occasional use. This furniture is best looked at and not used. It is also very expensive.

In the form of polished cotton or white cotton, it is once again best used in a formal and rarely used room. Cotton can stain easily. Cotton can be a very durable fabric if it is purchased in a darker color and tougher weave such as a Herculon. In this form, it could be used in a family room and could take every day use. Be wary of bright colors like red as they can bleed easily. Cotton can range from moderate in price to expensive.

Wool is very durable but does stain rather easily. If you have a good protectant applied, this material could survive hard use. Wool is usually moderately to high priced.

Synthetic materials are best used in high traffic rooms with children or pets. It is usually more resistant to wear and staining. It is typically low to moderately priced.