Carpet Cleaning Prices Options

It is almost impossible to tell you what you should expect to pay for a good carpet cleaning. Prices depend greatly on your location, the level of service being offered and the type of cleaning being performed. It will vary greatly. The carpet cleaning price should however be all inclusive. You should not have to pay extra for pre-spray or standard spotting. Things like unusual spotting, pet treatments and protection are generally extra though. Cleaning is usually priced in 2 different methods, by the room or by the square foot.

By the Room Prices
With this method of pricing, the cleaner usually charges the same amount for each room. So a bedroom will cost the same as a living room. While you may pay a little more for the bedroom, you will be paying a little less for the living room so it all evens out. There is usually a maximum square footage set for this method so if your room is over 200 or 250 square feet you may be charged for an extra room. The company can usually give you an accurate carpet cleaning price over the phone with this method.

By the Square Foot Prices
In this pricing method, the cleaning company will usually come out to do an estimate before scheduling any work. They will measure the area to be cleaned and multiply it by their square foot price. Usually you can get a good ballpark figure over the phone but with this pricing method, the cleaner really needs to come out and give you a quote.

The Final Carpet Cleaning Price
Whichever method your carpet cleaner uses, make sure that you get it in writing before they begin the work. An honest company should have no problem providing you with a written quote explaining all charges.