Carpet Cleaning Frequency Chart

How often should you clean your carpet?

The short answer is that depends. It depends on how many people you have in your home, pets and your environment. We hope you find the chart below helpful in deciding how often to clean your Commercial or Residential carpet. Use it as a general guideline as your results may differ slightly based on your climate..

Residential Carpet Cleaning Frequency

ConditionsClean Every
2 People (non-smokers)6 to 12 months
2 people (smokers)4 months
Children or Pets in Home6 months
Children and Pets in Home3 to 6 months

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Frequency

ConditionsClean Every
Restaurants1 month
Day Cares2 weeks
Nursing Homes1 month
Retail Establishments3 to 6 months

These are averages based on normal environmental conditions. If you live in an extremely cold climate, dustier conditions, very humid climate or have very heavy foot traffic, you may need more frequent cleanings.