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Carpet Cleaning Specials – 3 Rooms for $89

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  1. Pre-Inspection – We will tell you exactly what We can do to improve your carpet, how good it will look and how long you can expect it to last.
  2. Thoroughly pre-vacuum using the environmentally safe hepa-filtered vacuum
  3. Treat spots by hand for certainty of removal
  4. Apply Carpet Deodorizer to eliminate pet smell, smoke and cooking odors.
  5. Steam cleaning with our powerfull truck-mount system.

Furniture Moving: We Do Not move antiques, electronics or breakables. We will move furniture a few feet, clean the carpet, and return the furniture to the original spot. Furniture is placed on blocks or pads to prevent furniture stains on the carpet.

Room Size: Room is considered as area up to 150 sq. ft. each add. sq. ft. will be .25¢ additional.

Our experianced technician might offer additional service such as; pet odor treatment, sanitizer or\and protection teflon if needed. However, it will be your decision to make whether or not to accept our recommendation.