About Us


American Steamers was originally funded in South Florida. The Alon’s family started American Steamers in 2003 When Tal Alon decided to start American Steamers, he began to research the field. He quickly realized that most carpet cleaning companies were not providing very good service and they did not seem to know much about carpet cleaning either. Tal wanted to set American Steamers apart from the “typical” carpet cleaning company.

In addition to providing a first class service, Tal wanted to be able to tackle any problem that may come up, so he immersed himself in education. Attending virtually every educational course available and networking with other cleaning professionals across the country, he learned everything that he could about carpet and fabric cleaning. As a result, he began to solve many difficult cleaning related problems for carpet retailers, designers and homeowners. Most other cleaners did not know how to solve these problems, so it created a niche for American Steamers. Tal’s education is never complete. He continues to regularly attend courses to assure we stay on top of our industry.

As we continue to grow, we will not accept anything less than exceptional quality cleaning and customer service. Our clients are those who will not compromise on quality and we will always reflect our clients’ needs and expectations.

Our office located at: 6761 W Sunrise Blvd #1, Plantation FL 33313

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