A Few Tips When Getting A Carpet Cleaning Quote

Don’t let anyone fool you when getting a quote for carpet cleaning. Every company cleaning carpets, large and small, must make money. If they don’t make money they won’t be around long. Many companies make you think you are getting a better price than possible over the phone or in their ads. So we want to take the time to give you the questions to ask every carpet cleaner you might call.

  1. Do you charge extra for spot removal?
    Although this seems like it should be part of the “cleaning”, many companies charge extra to remove spots or heavily soiled areas. We hope this seems as silly to you as it does to us. What exactly are they cleaning if they charge extra to clean the dirty spots? We don’t charge extra for spots or heavily soiled areas. Mainly because we think when we say we are going to clean your carpets, that means really cleaning it!
  2. Do you have a service charge or travel charge for cleaning under a certain amount?
    This is another one of those great little disclaimers we find hard to swallow. Usually you will see this on a coupon or advertisement for a carpet cleaning special. The special will be great but in the fine print it will tell you that in order to take advantage of the special you will need to pay a “sur-charge” for getting that special. Doesn’t seem like much of a deal to us. When we advertise a special, about the only disclaimer we use is the fact that you can’t combine it with another special. Which is only fair to everyone.
  3. What other services do you provide for carpet cleaning above and beyond your normal “all inclusive” price?
    If they say none, either they are an excellent service that provides everything in one cleaning, which is great. Or they are using a little deception. Most carpet cleaners gamble on the fact that once they are in your house they can sell you on every little thing possible to make another buck. We only offer 2 additional optional services. Those are soil retardent and a germicide treatment. They are optional for a reason, not everyone needs them. We do recommend the soil retardent about 90% of the time and for good reason, we want to make sure your carpets stay looking their best for as long as possible. The soil retardent helps repell dirt and stains, just like the original soil retardent that comes on new carpet. The germicide treatment is recommended when there is a pet odor problem normally. We take great pride in our work and want to make sure your cleaning is done right, but we never try to take advantage of a customer in order to make a few extra dollars. We prefer establishing a long term relationship with our customers.
  4. Do you charge extra for moving furniture?
    This one is so subtle most people never think to ask about this one. What happens when the technician gets to your home and tells you “oh that will be an extra $20 to move that sofa”. Most likely you’ll pay the price and go on without giving it too much thought. This is another one of those “hidden” charges many companies like to throw in their at you. Our policy is to move any furniture and replace it, that can be easily moved by 2 people (couches, chairs, tables, etc), at no charge. The only furniture we won’t move are those which can’t be moved easily by 2 people and any item which maybe considered permanent (entertainment centers, pianos, china hutches, etc).
  5. Can you make my 20 year old carpet that has been cleaned twice look new again?
    If they say yes without hesitation, run don’t walk away. We’d love to say “we can clean any carpet and make it look new again”. But the reality is that is not possible on carpet that has not been properly maintained. If you have maintained your carpets on a regular basis, then yes it should clean up nicely no matter how old it is. Just like a car that has not been washed or maintained, it is going to cost a lot of money to make it run and look new again when it has been neglected. Probably more than just buying a new one. But if you spend the small amount of money making the necessary repairs and taking good care of it you will get many many more good years out of it. The same holds true for your carpet. We can clean a 20 year old carpet, but how clean it gets or how good it looks after the cleaning is really determined by you, not us.
  6. Do you provide a written guarantee?
    We suggest never using any service that is not willing to guarantee their work. We give a 7 day written guarantee for any carpet cleaning service we provide. If anytime during that 7 days you notice something that is not right with the cleaning we will gladly come back out and do whatever we can to make it right. And it happens from time to time, we’re not perfect and sometimes a mistake is made. Instead of passing the blame though we make sure any mistake is taken care of in a timely fashion at your convience. We do whatever we can to make sure everyone we provide service for is 100% satisfied.
  7. How many years experience does your technician currently have?
    Your carpet is one of the top 5 biggest investments in your home. Are you really willing to take a chance on someone who has little to no experience cleaning carpets? Our lead technician has over 20 years experience cleaning carpets. Our secondary technician has trained for over 10 years with our lead technician and we have just now turned him loose heading up his own crew. Not many other carpet cleaning companies take training that seriously.

We hope you are able to use these questions to find the perfect carpet cleaning company for your needs. Keep these little things in mind when you are comparing services from one company to another and you’ll find you will never be suprised by the service you get.


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